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Welcome to the Butterfly Blessings Sighting page.  Please enjoy reading about how others blessed someones life or how someone surprised you and brighten up their day.

July 12, 2012 – Jackie, Fort Collins, CO
What a lovely way to remember your beautiful girl.  It is a tribute to the kind of family that Michelle was fortunate enough to be born into.  God Bless your hearts and may you have peace knowing that so many people send you their love and prayers.

July, 9, 2012- Marianne, Highlands Ranch, C
A Starbucks gift card with the Butterfly coupon was left for the lady who does my hair.

July 9, 2012- From Meredith, Singapore, Singapore
I think this day you gave my family your butterfly blessings – my in-laws were taking our kids to the movies and you stepped in and paid for them. My mother-in-law was blown away by your story and kindness and we all have been impacted by Michelle’s story and her mission of hope. We plan to pass on the kindness – as we also have known children who have battled childhood cancers – what an amazing and inspiring woman you are – thank you from the bottom of my whole families heart.

6/21/12- From Jean, Conklin, MI
Left an extra big tip for my favorite massage person today and the Butterfly Blessing card.  As always, it’s more fun to give than to receive!   Love these pay it forward ideas …. and I’m sure Michelle does, too.

6/15/12- From Emily, Grand Rapids Michigan
My mom and I made strawberry jam and distributed it amongst some of our neighbors. We were thinking about Michelle all the while. (:

6/15/12- From Mary, Sam & Emily, Grand Rapids, MI
We were on our way Meijer after church and saw a little doggie running around in a parking lot in between Meijer, and a trailer park, and an apartment complex and he was looking kinda nervous and wet so my mom got out in the pouring rain and read his tag and I called the owner but she was in Detroit but her mom lived in the apt. complex and it took us like 15 mins to figure out where her mom lived but we finally got the dog back to where he belonged. The mother was disabled so she could not go out searching.

June 16, 2012- Vicki, From Grand Rapids received a surprise ice cream cone.

6/15/2012 – From Marianne, Gulfport, Florida
Picked up grandson from preschool so his Mom wouldn’t have to ride her bike to get him. Went to grocery store and bought them precooked chicken and all the fixings, then picked up Kelley( the Mom) from work and took them home.

June 15, 2012Cierra from Gaylord, MI writes: Did my first Butterfly Blessing today….I bought the lady at the drive through a ice cream cone because it’s so hot today.  Everyone in Burger King looked at me like I was crazy…oh well , don’t care.

June 14, 2012- Marianne from Denver Colorado wrote: This is an AWESOME idea and a great way to honor Michelle.  I already handed out 3 certificates this morning & have one more to hand out tonight. Paid for the ladies coffee behind me in the Starbucks line, Left a co-worker a muffin in “thanks” for all she does for me, Left a co-worker a muffin to brighten his day. Left a small goodie bag & My favorite Muffin certificates on one of my friends doorstep to brighten her day.



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