Kids Korner

The Michelle Lunn HOPE Foundation knows the importance of teaching children to care about others every day. Learning to be givers shapes children’s values and provides opportunities to develop kindness, a virtue that improves lives and reduces violence and bullying. It builds empathy to response to the needs of others and shows caring and compassion to people in our community. Leukemia & Lymphoma are one of  the top children’s cancers. That is why we praise our kids who help us…help others.

You are never too young …here are some of our BRIGHT SHINING STAR KIDS

Eva helping Grandma Eloisa in our soup cookoff

Brianna, a young entrepreneur making a difference

Abigail and Jordan lemonade sale

Jason, 8th grade judge for Soup Cookoff

Chain link in memory of all those who lost their lives to cancer

We support all ages

Brianna raising money with her cupcake sale

Start them young at helping out.

Participating in our golf outing