Welcome to the Michelle Lunn Hope Foundation

Our foundation was created in memory of  Michelle Lunn who at the young age of 22 died from (ALL) acute lymphoblastic leukemia . We established this non profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt  foundation in Michelle’s name to try and make a difference in the lives of those suffering from blood cancer. Our mission is to raise funds to support critically needed blood cancer research, provide scholarships to deserving students and financially help patients and their families affected with a blood cancer diagnosis.  …all  in Michelle’ memory.

Our foundation is 100% all volunteer, and we donate 100%  (- state dues) of what we make to blood cancer research, patients assistance and scholarships.

Michelle had hoped that she would be one of the lucky ones who survived after treatment so she could live her life as she had dreamed. She thought she would be a great advocate to speak with others about her cancer and her courageous fight. Michelle never lived to see her dreams…and so we hope with this foundation we can carry out her wishes to improve the lives of people who have been affected with blood cancers.  To see what we are doing please visit our NEWS page.

Why Hope instead of Memorial? It is simple and there are many reasons;

  • Michelle had hope she would beat Leukemia
  • We hope others do not lose a loved one
  • There is hope for a cure
  • With faith there is hope
  • Memorial makes us cry

Mission Statement – as of June 2019

  • Donated $161,200 to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – Research
  • Donated $131,000 to Van Andel Institute (VAI) – Research
  • Awarded $51,000 in Scholarships
  • Provided $22,3000 in financial aid (includes gas cards)
  • Donated $200- Bone Marrow Drive

Total Gifted to date- $365,700

Please help us in our fight with Blood Cancers

Physical Donations can be made here:
Michelle Lunn HOPE Foundation
6361 Redington Dr. SE
Ada, MI 49301-9021

The Michelle Lunn HOPE Foundation is honored to help people from all walks of life. We take pride in our dedicated and diverse team of Committee Members and Volunteers. We are proud to have many ethnic groups involved with our foundation and never discriminate in who we help.