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7th Annual Soup Prize is in the books….

Thanks to all our Chefs who made delicious soups to make this possible.

  • Hot & Sour Soup- Emily & Matt Karas
  • Italian Sausage White Bean Soup- Hillary Zahrt   –  Winner 3rd Place People’s Choice
  • Mac’n’Cheese Soup- Sarah Huber & Andrew Roberts
  • Shell Bell Soup- Joe Sedlecky
  • Butternut Squash Soup- Sarah Gengelbach – Winner 3rd Place Judge’s Choice
  • Gazpacho- Cold Soup- Kay Michael
  • Beefy Tomato Soup- Mike McCormick
  • Tortellini Soup- Erica McGilliecully 1st Place Judge’s Choice, & 2nd Place People’s Choice
  • Lasagna Soup- Gary Vachon – 2nd Place Judge’s Choice
  • Chicken Cordon “50th” Birthday Bleu’s- Becky Volpe – 1st Place People’s Choice & “Souper Star” – Top Tip Receiver
  • Seafood Corn Chowder- Jennifer Kolster
  • Minestrone Soup- Christina Lunn
  • Chunky Potato Soup- Linda Borchers
  • Kickin’ Corn Chowder- Megan Stark
  • Thai Lobster & Crab Coconut Bisque- Meagan Freiks
  • Squash Soup with Bacon – Gluten Free-Michelle Lynn
  • Split Pea Soup- Mary Sedlecky

The event was a huge success with us raising $6000 that will stay in West Michigan to help local Blood Cancer Patients and their families. Thanks to Dr. Tim Triche and his students who came by to volunteer and share some of their important work they do at the Van Andel institute.

Proud Sponsor


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Judges: Brian Vachon, Ed Ryan, Maurizio Arcidiacono

Dessert Bakers- Rick Buskard, Linda Scott, Cathy Schroeder, Elena & Geri Chaidez and Deb Blanchard


Lauren Harmon,
Shantinque Miller,
Kari Zysk,
Tricia Jones
Peyton Petack
Nick Volpe
Matt Lunn
Julie Paas

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