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DATE: Saturday, March 26, 2022
LOCATION: (St. Jude’s Brophy Center) 1120 4 Mile Rd. Grand Rapids, MI 49525
Soup Serving of guest begins at 2-4 PM

Votes & “Chef donations” counted at 4PM ,  Awards immediately following

  1. Contestants must be at the Brophy Center by 1 PM for set up, and ready to serve by 2PM. Large Parking lot. Please use elevator when transporting soup. There is a kitchen we can use if you need to heat up.
  2. Soup must be prepared in advance, no mixes. Soup/Chili/ Stews may be made with any recipe.
  3. Entry fee (donation) for all participants is $10. This gets you 1 vote, and entries into door prizes.
  4. Contestants should bring a minimum of 12 quarts of soup keeping in mind that the more you bring, the more people will be able to taste it, and the more potential votes you will receive. *Many chefs ran out last year.
  5. A complete list of ingredients must be present when you check in your entry. Please print out ingredients so tasters can see (in case of food allergies). *For “Spicy” Soups please label as such.  Feel free to print recipes for people to take.
  6. Contestants must be willing to eat their own soup.
  7. All contestants soups can be in crockpot, chaffers, or pan with portable burners. We will have *portable burners (for your pan) or soup chaffers to keep your soup warm. (*Must know in advance so I can have butane canisters available.) Also bring your own small ladle, for serving into 2-4 oz. styrofoam cups.
    Don’t forget your tip jar.   Soup cups, napkins and spoons will be provided.
  8. Razzing and having a great time are the major rules of the evening. Feel free to dress up/ and or decorate your table space with a special theme.
  9. Voting will be completed by 4:10 PM.
  10. Winners in the following categories will be announced by 4:15
    First, Second and Third place- People’s Choice + Bragging Rights
    First , Second, and Third place- Judges Choice + Bragging Rights
    Souper Star – Top Tip Receiver- based on amount of donations collected in tip jar. * donations (tips) can be collected  ahead of time.   *Tips raised go towards the foundations mission.
  11. Invite all your friends and family.
  12. Questions please contact either Sue Lunn 616-682-0678, Nick Volpe 616 446-7825 or Julie Paas- 616 -460-3463

 “Soup Prize” is a fundraiser for the Michelle Lunn HOPE Foundation that raises awareness and funds for local blood cancer patients       

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