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Check Presentation VAI

On 11/23/2021 the Michelle Marie Lunn Hope Foundation (MLHOPE) visited the VanAndel Institute (VAI) and presented a check for $30,000. The funding will go 100% to research on cancer, mainly blood cancer. The VAI has an endowment that provides funding for the overhead to enable this. Researchers Tim Triche, Jr., Ph.D., Translational Biological Informatics, and Hong Wen, Ph.D., Epigenetics and Transcription were with us for lunch and shared the amazing work going on at the institute. We will be having a few of these researchers at Soup Prize so that they can share the work which they are doing. We also decided to create an event focused on sharing what they are up to and interacting (we did this at lunch and it was amazing).This note from Dr.Triche provides insight into the types of topics we talked about.“For example, Nate Buteyn in my lab is presenting his work on FUS-ERG leukemia and their mechanism of…

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