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Our foundation could not be as successful without the help and donation of so many generous people.  We truly appreciate each and every donation to our foundation.  Thank you for your generous support!

Charitable Donors: (does not including fundraiser events donations)

Peter C and Emajean Cook Foundation MI Christian Foundation
Nan Lunn
Charlie & Katie Lunn
Dorothy Riley
Barb and Dick Sedlecky
Patty and Don Patterson through United Way & Aetna Foundation
Colleen Brooks
Dan and Tina McMunigal’s
James Brady (Dykema)
Maribeth Rothenthaler
Ben & Kelly Sedlecky
Elliot & Ashlee Sedlecky
Marianne and David Stauber
Laura and Luke Snyder
Nick and Becky Volpe
Elizabeth Chamberlains
Lindsey Karle
Kate Boland
Cindy Pfeiffer
ONeills Body Shop
Marilyn Cramer
Pete and Regina Daukss
Neil Sexton
Dennis Benoit
Eric DeLong
Sara Gengelbach
Ankita Nagpal
Brian Mortimore
Joe and Mary Sedlecky
Tito’s Homemade Vodka
*Many donors in memory of Tim Tobin, Richard (Sid) Sedlecky, Richard D. Sedlecky, and Rita Paas

Golf 2016 Supporters
Gift/Cash Donors

Soup Prize Donors-  2015 & 2016

Golf 2015 Supporters
Gift/Cash Donors


Our Board and Trustee’s

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