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Welcome to the “Butterfly Blessings” page.

If you found this page you must either want more information on how to participate in our campaign or you got kissed by a Butterfly Blessing (perhaps anonymously) and want to share with us what, where and how it made you feel. What ever the reason….we are glad that you did.

To share how you were touched by a Butterfly Blessing please EMAIL.

To Read about Butterfly Sightings please click here: Butterfly Sightings

What are Butterfly Blessings? They are little acts of kindness that blesses someones life done for the simple joy of brightening up someones day.

How can I participate? It’s easy, and doesn’t have to cost you anything. We are asking you to within the next 38 days bless someone once (or as many times as you wish) with a “Butterfly Blessing” in memory of Michelle by doing a random act of kindness to someone (even someone you don’t know and something you don’t normally do) to help them out, cheering them up, offering a gift…or anything else that somebody wouldn’t expect…then share what you did and how it made you feel with us so we can share it with others to hopefully make the kindness contagious. Just hand out a *certificate (if applicable) telling them they have just been kissed by a “Butterfly Blessing” and if they choose to, they can too pass it on and bless someone else. * Butterfly Certificates (PDF) print and make copies of. *Card stock works best.

Why the 38 days? 38 days was the period starting June 14 through July 21st when Michelle struggled with her disease of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)…similar to the time a caterpillar struggles in the cocoon then finally emerges into a magnificent butterfly. An average time in the cocoon is anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. (Michelle was in ICU and in a cocoon like bed for 2 weeks and fighting her disease for almost 6 weeks). This period is usually very dark and depressing for us and our hope is that hearing all about the kindness being spread all over the world our hearts will be filled with nothing but happy times.

Some Suggestions might be:
• Hand out a grocery store gift card while shopping to a stranger
• Put money in a expired parking meter a car is parked at
• Pass out a gas card to someone when pumping gas
• Pay for someone’s ice cream, coffee, cold drink or lunch that is behind you (give certificate to cashier to hand to recipient).
• Donate blood
• Tip a little more generously
• Send someone flower to cheer them up
• Offer to babysit for free
• Bring donuts, bagels or treats to your co-workers
• Hug someone who needs it
• Pay for someone’s bus fare
• Pay for the food for the car behind you at a fast food restaurant
• Buy someone’s movie ticket in line behind you
• Carry a handicap or elderly persons groceries to their car
• Volunteer your time for someone
• Tutor a student for free
• Help a neighbor with yard work
• Donate to your favorite charity
• Visit people at a nursing home
• Bake Cookies for someone or bring to work
• Anything that you can think of that would brighten someone’s day….be creative.

Why Butterflies? We picked butterflies because they only come out on sunny days and usually bring happiness to those that are touched by seeing one. Our blessings are intended to brighten up someones day just as a butterfly sighting does.

To learn more about Michelle please visit her memorial website.

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