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Pictured from left: Nick Volpe, Deb Blanchard, Scott Heyboer, Jeanne Sedlecky










Congratulations to our winners!  Our event was a wonderful success thanks to  all our Chefs, everyone who attended and sampled our soups, all our volunteers and bakers, and all our in-kind donors.  We are please to announce we raised over $1600 that will help local cancer patients.   Click here for Pictures

Thank you to our awesome Chef’s
Suzanne Lunn’s  Sausage, Potato and Kale Soup
Steve Volpe’s – Grampa’s Famous Chicken Noodle Soup
Sarah Gengelbach- Gumbo
Jeanne Sedlecky’s- Loaded Baked Potato Soup – tied for 1st place
Pete Daukss’s – Chicken Delight
Deb Blanchard’s -Cheesy Broccoli Soup– Tied for 2nd *Crowned “Souper Douper Chef”
Roslyn & Bob’s – Potato and Leek Soup
Mary DeRade’s- Italian Soup
Mary Sedlecky’s- Split Pea
Denise Curtis’s-  Super Duper Potato Soup
Scott Heyboer’s – Black Bean Soup  – Tied for 1st – *Crowned “Soup of Hope” Top Chef
Julie Paas- Taste like Lasagna Soup
Gary Vachon- Crockpt Split Pea Soup
Nick Volpe- BOOM BOOM Chicken Tortilla Soup– Tied  for 2nd
Matthew Lunn’s – Venison Stew
Brenda Zwyghuizen’s- Spicy Cheeseburger  Soup
Steve Vachon’s- Award Winning White Chili
Tommy Fitzgeralds- Beer Cheese Soup





Thanks to our In-Kind Donators

Cascade Rental Company
Polish Falcons Club
Franciscan Life Process Center
Tommy Fitzgerald- Cafe Stella and Kitchen Sage





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